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blinded by the light blends the u.k. coming of age story with the music. well it was in 1998 that peter guy and american double bass player who had moved to south africa started the ball string project it began with 18 kids from the black townships around and since then hundreds of children from disadvantaged backgrounds have learned to play a string instrument well today the orchestra travels the world and we took in their performance at the rhine golf festival in western germany. far away from home south africa's bunch of berlin string orchestra plays a piece of music called the nelson. program is a nod to nelson mandela to pieces by austrian composer yourself. and the performing it with a choir from hydrants from country for many it's
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a 1st visit to the continent of the music a stunning i love the way. european people are just. various they're very serious about the music and the beauty of music african music is. played it's fine as the rhythm with classical music is that you have to be in control of the piece in expressing their emotions even more when you're playing and when you're playing a piece and. you said for no reason or whatever. and then you play this little pieces and slow. so that it really brings out that frustration a lot of for me. before the concert it's rehearsals. also plays and singing south african pieces. concert is dedicated to their country's
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triumph over apartheid. eat. so. on a visit to south africa the oldest could go on a book called money takes us to his home at the edge of the town afraid of fort. lee's he started playing his instrument just 4 years ago thanks to teachers from the group's outreach program who regularly visit his community. now the 16 year old practices his instrument 4 hours a day. he lives here with his mother and sisters and his niece his father left the family. i am. afraid does outside on most days because. it doesn't strike me that
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much as when i'm practicing inside the house because you have a baby and then she'll be playing and sometimes you have relatives then you want to practice. the orchestra itself is based 300 kilometers away in bloom from tape at the music on school. here the next generation of students all from disadvantaged communities are learning the basics. of that but i don't know that they're ok. they may need some more practice before they're ready to go on tour. back in germany the touring group is heading to a venue when they break out into song. whether it's. african music or european their passion is always palpable. so much
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so that they can get even the most to date audiences in on the fun. and my colleague david leavitt has more on this wonderful group of young musicians welcome david and the books have been a string orchestra is really much more than just a musical group it's actually something that is changing people's lives tell us a little bit more in detail the orchestra itself of course is touring europe and playing all kinds of public events in south africa but they're really just the public face of a much broader program string program which is taught hundreds of kids from poor areas how to play the violin viola bass and cello and they do that at their school in bloemfontein they actually bus kids in from the townships around they actually go to these kids pick them up from home because otherwise many of them wouldn't make it into practice and then teachers from the program also go to schools as far
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as 300 kilometers away and now the families of these kids do have to pay tuition fees about $60.00 euros a year which is a lot of money for some of them and there's also a lot of money that comes from donations from here in europe now the concert that we saw in the report was dedicated to nelson mandela who of course led south africa out of apartheid back in 1994 with this program or a program like this have been possible without him well the short answer is probably not apartheid regime really did the bare minimum to provide education for black students certainly they didn't have programs teaching people to play cello of course the kids in this program that we're seeing were born after apartheid ended in 1904 they're part of the so-called born free generation and the south africa they're coming into it unfortunately is not the rainbow nation that nelson mandela spoke of it's still very. he cool
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a lot of racial segregation the economic elites the people whose kids are the majority of those learning to play these instruments are still white so there's a lot of work to be done programs like this are part of the solution but there are unfortunately still a rarity over certainly very glad to learn more about them and i guess her viewers can catch the full report on the orchestra on our upcoming show arts 21 this week and coming weekend thank you very much for bringing us. those details david leavitt's. alter the belgian capital now for what's being described as a world of floral emotions brussels famous city hall is a unesco world heritage site and every 2 years in summer it gets an extravagant floral make over and this year more than 30 international floral artists have joined forces to decorate its historic rooms each setting their own accents from floor to ceiling. deep in concentration the tiniest account of a is making a few final tweaks she and her team have arranged thousands of flowers with
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a big opening just around the corner she wants everything to be perfect but she knows how important it is to stay calm. do not assume a gap i run around and check everything if something doesn't work i go over and say with details need to be changed i'm never stressed on big projects because i trust my team i'm on the. today is the big day for natalia. in just a few alice flower time will begin at brussels city hall the exhibition will see the gothic building transformed into a floral paradise the juxtaposition of contemporary design in these grand historic rooms creates a unique work of art around 70 florists and volunteers from more than 13 countries are here this year to offer their own regional spin. like this japanese pull sled.
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and these woven palm leaves from indonesia. jewelry and clothing can also be seen among the unusual creations. and this ring traditionally used for weddings is decorated with thousands of roses and all kids in classic white. the day before the event there is still not much to receive and italia and her team stung. by building the support. the afghanis she's originally from banda release but head inspiration comes from her new home in brussels which is reflected in her choice of flowers. is a key depose for me our kids mean luxury the group are yours the glory also is a tropical flower but camilla's is a simple cropland simplicity so usually i'd never make a bouquet with these flowers and the reason i've chosen them for this exhibition is
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because i think brussels represents diversity sit in comics in. the grand unveiling is about to commence the exhibition will run for 5 days and is expected to attract more than $15000.00 physicians. it's amazing pretty amazing so big so so salzman so the studio is i didn't know that things exist i guess. the tension has given way to tears of joy. all the hard work has paid off. the kind of and her team can now sit back enjoy the show and smell the roses. i will finish with a cinematic gem that's opening in theaters this week and next blinded by the light is a coming of age story that mixes the doldrums of thought to write england with the
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music of new jersey's greatest songwriter bruce springsteen of course the undisputed poet laureate of working class america a daring cross of cultures you might think but it works. a show that plays only bruce springsteen nothing does for you that's your idea nothing but springsteen blinded by the light is an exuberant story about a 1st generation british pakistani teen who punched hope in the american icon. directed during the charges see similarities between the when she deals with characters in her films and springsteen's music is about people who are generally on the margins of society people who you would see all the edges of frames or know
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in the frame and then i take them and put them in the center of the frame and say let's see the well from this perspective and the same is true of blinded by the light and i think bruce is mission. the film is set in 1997 in luton england times of financially and politically tough in the middle of all this is job at a teenager who dreams of being a writer despite his conservative work obsessed father monica. attard stay. on the go this is a unique way that during the rest telling this story using music in itself i'm not saying that it's a musical but it's not just a drama either. blinded by the light is not just a joyful film about the escape route music can provide the one that deals with the problems of racism and division. proved yet again of the universal power of music
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and i want to put on your movie to do less well that is all for this time so until we meet again all the best from us here in berlin take it easy and.
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climate change. sustainability. environmental. affairs biodiversity species conservation exploitation. human rights displacement. of local action. 3000. letter we were. when we were. in the 1st american some pleasant experience hardship listening. audience. well i guess sometimes i.
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think deep into the german culture you can't stereotype class but if you think the future of the country. is to describe. to you it's all about and. i'm rachael joins me from the german. post. police in said bob where you have used tear gas and water cannon against anti-government protesters in the capital harare the protest took place despite a police ban which was appalled by the country's hard court supporters of the opposition movement for democratic change accuse the government of corruption and mismanaging the economy. north korea says leader kim.


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